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Features ultra-clear front glass panels to maximize light transmission for high definition viewing
Extra deep (36" front to back); polished glass corners, Ideal for freshwater and saltwater – compatible with a wide variety of lighting, sumps and canister filters, Scratch-resistant, distortion-free glass STARFIRE GLASS USED, Front section of the Corner-Flo™ is removable for easy cleaning, Hand-mitered top and bottom frame – silicone-sealed top frame to prevent capillary action
Engineered to deliver ideal circulation and maximize water flow to the filter system, Plumbing kit with all necessary bulkhead fittings, drain and return pipes, and dual Loc-Line® outlet nozzles included (additional plumbing accessories may be needed for your external filtration unit – see manufacturer’s directions for further details), Double Corner-Flo™Aquariums include two plumbing kits – one for each Corner-Flo™ unit, Limited lifetime warranty, 97046 200 gal (48" x 36" x 23"), 2 overflows, 200 Deep Dimension - 2 overflows  Total value $7000.00

Aqueon Filters Totaling Approximate total $8000.00

Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter 10, Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter 20, Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter 30, Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter 50, Aqueon QuietFlow Air Pump 60, Aqueon FXTR 36 inch Strip Light, Black Deluxe Strip Light w/Tube 48in, All Glass Black Pine Stand 48x18, Aqueon Cartridge Small 3/pk, Aqueon Cartridge Small 6pk,Natural Wave Bar

Aqueon Sump Pumps Totaling Approximate total $3000.00

Proflex Model 2 1100GPH Sump, ProFlex Model 3 1650gph Sump, ProFlex Model 4 2200gph Sump

Aquarium Technologies Totaling Approximate total $1000.00

Sponge I Refill    x3          

Blue Ribbon Ornaments Totaling Approximate total $4000.00

Desert Water Bowl Large 7 x7x4.5, Desert Water Bowl Sm 6 x5.5x 4, 429 Red Pipe Organ Cluster 2.75 X 3.0 X, 900 Red Sea Reef With Brain Corals 3.5 X,901 Aust Reef W/mushroom Corals 3.0 X 2., 902 Plated Starfish On Midnight Coral 3., 903 Blue Porcelain Crab On Barnacles 3.5, 904 Thimble Back Spiral Whelks 3.5 X 2.5, 905 Indonesian Harlequin Nudibranch 3.5, Staghorn Coral Natural 7x3.5x8, 1207-nat Branch Coral - Natural 4 X 4 X, 1211-nat Gorgonian - Natural 7 X 2.5 X 5,1232-nat Velvet Stone Coral - Natural 7., 1235-nat Cat's Paw Coral - Natural 7 X 6, 1238-nat Branch Coral - Natural 7.5 X 6.

Boyd Chemicals Totaling Approximate total $3000.00

4 oz Marine Vita-chem, Purple-Up 8 oz, Aragmight Calcium Powder 16oz, Bio-Magnet Clarifier 8 oz, Bio Magnet Clairfier 16oz, AragaMilk Liquid Aragonite 8 oz

Advance Stainless Steel dishes Approximate total $1000.00

2002 8oz Cat Dish, 3QT Dish Stainless Steel

Animate Cat Doors Approximate total $13,000.00!

Large Cat Door Brown, Lockable Cat Door Brown Self Lining, 4 Way Locking Cat Door Brwn Self Lining, Electro Large Cat/Dog Flap White, Electro Sml Dog/Large Cat Door White, Elite 4 WaY White, 4-Way Locking Cat Flap Brown, 4 Way Locking Cat Flap White, Rotary 4-Way Locking Cat Door, Timer Control Cat Door, Electromagnetic Lg Cat/Sml Dog Door

Animate Electronic Cat Doors Approximate total $16,500.00!

Elite Super Selective ID Disc w/Timer, Elite Selective White, Elite Chip & Disc Super Selective Door, Elite Microchip Cat Door, Microchip Cat Door, Elite Wall Liner, Cat Mate Wall Liner 2in (234 & 235), Collar Magnets for Electro Cat Door 2/pk, Elite ID Disc, 1 Bowl 24hr Feeder, 2 Bowl 48hr Feeder w/ice pack, Cat Pet Feeder 5 meals Ice Pack, Automatic Dry Cat Feeder

Cat Claws Cat Teasers/replacements Approximate total $6000.00

Feline Flyers w/Wand, Mylar Tassel w/Wand, Wacky Wand, Feline Flyer Attachment, Monkey Tail Replacement, Mylar Tassle Attatchment,Pom Pom Attachment, Suede Tassle Attachment

Kaytee Shavings Bales Approximate total $3000.00

Pine Bedding, Pine Bedding

Lees Small Animal Balls Approximate total $2000.00

Kritter Krawler 5 Mini Color,Kritter Krawler 5 Mini Clear, 5inch Komet Krawler Mini, 7inch Komet Krawler Standard, Hi-Back Cage Pan, 20050 Repti Ranch Small Rect

Lixit Small Animal Plastic Bottles Approximate total $8000.00

10oz Soft Sided Crock Granite, Carrier Cage Crock 20oz, Quick Lock Crock Assorted Colours 10oz, Quick L0ock Crock Assorted Colours 20oz, Quicklock Aqua Model, Aquarium Cage Bottle Clear 5oz ,Aquarium Cage Bottle Clear 10oz, Critter Brites Deluxe Bottle Mouse 4oz, Critter Brites Deluxe Bottle Hamster 8oz, Critter Brites Deluxe Bottle Guinea 16oz, Critter Brite Quick Lock Crock 10oz, Critter Brite Quick Lock Crock 20oz, 8oz Hamster Bottle Clear, Weather Resistan Bottle Hamster 8oz, 32 oz Weather Resistant Bottle, Clear Water Bottle Mouse 4oz, 16 oz Ferret Bottle, 8 oz Bottle Holder, Critter Brites Bulk Display 12PK 4oz, Critter Brite Bulk Display 12PK 8oz, Ferret Economy Bottle 32oz, Critter Brite Quick Lock Crock, Rabbit WR Bottle 32oz, Wide Mouth Bottle Guinea 16oz

China Direct Approximate total $25,000.00

Clear Bracelet - Red Flea Beetle, Clear Bracelet - Crab, Clear Bracelet - Rubbish Beetle, Clear Bracelet Clip Strip-12 Pieces, Clear Bracelet-Scorpion, Clear Bracelet-Flea Beetle, Clear Bracelet-Scarab Beetle, Clear Key Chain Clip Strip-12 Pieces, Clear Key Chain-Stink Bug, Clear Key Chain-Scorpion, Clear Key Chain-Shield Bug, Clear Key Chain-Scarab Beetle, Clear Key Chain-Vespidea Wasp, Clear Key Chain-Cross Stink Bug, Glowing Bracelet Clip Strip-12 Pieces, Glowing Bracelet-Scorpion, Glowing Bracelet-Stink Bug, Glowing Bracelet-Leaf Foot Spider , Glowing Bracelet-Jewel Spider, Glowing Bracelet-Golden Beetle, Glowing Bracelet-Scarab Beetle, Glowing Key Chain Clip Strip-12 Pieces, Glowing Key Chain-Scorpion, Glowing Key Chain-Jewel Spider, Glowing Key Chain-Crab, Glowing Key Chain-Black Beetle, Glowing Key Chain-Gold Cicada, Glowing Key Chain-Turnip Beetle, Glowing Necklace-Scorpion, Glowing Necklace-Angled Spider, Glowing Necklace-Stone Beetle, Glowing Necklace-Ant with Red Egg, Glowing Necklace-Blue Black Beetle, Insect World Spinner Display-96 Pieces

JW PET Feeders Approximate total $6000.00

Hall Of Mirrors, Activitoy Roulette Wheel, Clean Seed Silo Bird Feeder, Clean Seed Tall Silo Bird Feeder, Clean Cup Feed And Water Cup Large, Kaytee Nectar, HummingBird Nectar WB RTU 64oz, HummingBird Nectar WB RTU 16oz, Bitter Apple Repellant, Flexi-grip Perch Scraper, 4 oz Apple Bitter For Birds, 8 oz Apple Bitter For Birds, Kong Bird Toy, Bird Power Kong Toy, Lixit Glass Bird Bottles, 16oz Glass Bird Bottle Waterer, 32oz Glass Bottle 5/8 Tube Lg Bird etc, Bird Glass Large Bottle Tube 16oz, 16oz Bird Glass Med Bottle 7/16 Tube, Bird Glass Medium Tube 32oz, Penn Plax Bird Feeder, Auto-twin Feeder/Waterer, Pomegranate Garden Cup, Corn Double Garden Cup, Egg Plant Feeder, Penn Plax Bird Toys, Star Carousel W/Bell, Ferris Wheel, Perch/Mirror/Cup/Bell, Bird Bath Toy Kit

Penn Plax Gravel Tray Liners Approximate total $300.00

Gravel-roll Vinyl Tray Liners-11 Round, Gravel-roll Vinyl Tray Liners-14 Round

Anti Lick Strips Approximate total $6000.00

Anti-Lick Small Strip 11-20 2pack, Anti-Lick Medium Strip 21-50lb 2pack, Anti-Lick Large Strip 51-80lb 2pack, Anti-Lick Strip Medium 21-50lb 6 pack, Anti Lick Strip Large 51-80lb 6pack

Anti Lick Strips FOR VETS Approximate total $4200.00

Anti-Lick Strip Pro, Anti-Lick Strip Pro C, Anti-Lick Strip Small 11-20lb 6pack

Advance Stainless Steel dishes Approximate total $1000.00

2202 1pt Regular Stainless Steel Bowl, 3202 1pt Embossed Stainless Steel Bowl, 3204 1qt Embossed Stainless Steel Bowl, 3206 3qt Embossed Stainless Steel Bowl, 3207 5qt Embossed Stainless Steel Bowl, 6004 14inch Circular Puppy Dish

Andis Animal Clippers/Blades Approximate total $1400.00

21641 Format Clipper Blade T-84, 64090 Format Clipper Blade 4 SkpTth, 64123 Format Clipper Blade 4FC, 64079 Format Clipper Blade 5 SkpTth, 64080 Format Clipper Blade 7 SkpTth, 64121 Format Clipper Blade Sz 7FC, 64120 Format Clipper Blade 9, Andis Clipper Oil 4oz, 21318 SnapOn Combs AG,AG2,AGC #10 4/bag

Animate Cat/Dog Doors Approximate total $3000.00

Lockable Cat Door Brown, Small Dog/Lr Cat 4 way Self Lining Door, Medium Dog Door w/liner White, Large Dog Door w/liner White, D3000 Automatic Dry Dog Feeder, Aroma Paw Shampoo/Grooming

Approximate total $1500.00

Deodorizing  Coat Spray Coconut/Papaya4oz, Deodorizing  Spray Vanilla Lemongrass 4oz, Deodorizing  Spray Mandarin Greentea 4oz, Deodorizing  Spray Lavender Chamomile 4oz, Deodorizing  Spray Pomegran/Cucumber 4oz, Deodorizing  Spray Geranium/Orchid 4oz, Deodorizing  Spray ORNG/Nutmeg/Vetiver 4o, Deodorizing  Spray Honeysuckle Jasmine 4o, Paw Conditioning Treatment 2oz, Fur Conditioning Treatment 7oz

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